Summer Time

Summer was fun this year. It even got over 100 in the Bay. That was SO fun.

Jokes. These are jokes. Summer flew by. I’m still shocked that it is November.
Here are some pictures from when it was warm. :)

Posted on 2017-11-13 04:04:27Z GMT

Hi Again

Hi, I’m back. Here are some photos.

Posted on 2017-11-13 03:28:17Z GMT


4 months late. Meh. I only posted once in 2015. New year, new photo goals. Here are the pictures from our honeymoon in Bali. Wheeee

Posted on 2016-01-05 06:13:47Z GMT

James Turrell at the de Young

It’s been a while. I have a new camera now, so hopfully I will be posting more often. These are from a while ago when my Moom was visiting SF. They are dedicated to her.

Posted on 2015-03-10 06:55:07Z GMT


A very long time ago we went to Yosemite with some friends. We did a lot of night shooting. Fun times. Pictures to prove it.

Posted on 2014-08-19 15:05:15Z GMT