A very long time ago we went to Yosemite with some friends. We did a lot of night shooting. Fun times. Pictures to prove it.

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This is a test. Testing 1, 2, 3.

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This post has a little bit of everything

This post is a horrible, poorly thought out, hodgepodge of a lot of things that happend not all at the same time, or place. Woo! Yeah, there is no real story here. Just some pictures. And I hope you like them. :)

Houses in SF, the Richmond district I believe.

No idea, shooting while driving…it’s a thing we do.

Gray and cold day in Santa Cruz.

But any day in Santa Cruz is made bright by these two lovely people. Look! Pre Baby Brumfield’s!



And now, for Tahoe pictures. These are from our second wedding this past November.


But first, let me take a selfie…

Collage Ave. Oakland, CA

Veiw from my office on a cloudy day in Oakland


We have sunsets here in California too…

Emmeryville, CA

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Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

Went to a concert in Golden Gate park…forever ago. I’m sorry. Phoottooos.

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My Wedding

I got married. I know. Crazy, right? I am ridiculously happy. Like, not just how people just say they are happy on the internet…I’m honestly, truely, super exstatic about my life. Matt sees me for who I am, and I am so very lucky. Never knew love like this was real. I’ll shut up about it now. :) I’m totally spoiled. Here are the pictures.

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